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The world has too many people.

You should be really concerned by the ever-increasing size of the world's human population, and be aware of the probable consequences.

Pressures on our environment demand our reining in on the impact our populations provide.

Please be sure to download a PDF file: "Optimum Population" here, for a summary of the problem.

When this article was first written, in 2003, the world's population was about 6.3 billion. In 2023, it is over 8 billion.
Something's gotta give despite some recent slowing of the growth rate.

Over-population has a number of aspects for concern, but my own interest is limited to the contention that we are less comfortable with too many people occupying our world. This is coupled with fears that the level of consumption and demands made on the Earth's resources, may be deleterious.

Nevertheless it is not my aim to argue "green" issues or advocate measures - other than population reduction - to limit any perceived (by some) anthropogenic climate change. On that last-mentioned aspect, I understand that the jury is still out and I for one am more than dubious.

There are so many measures being advocated and inflicted upon us by the earnest crowd of environmentalists (wind turbines, carbon taxes, and other taxes dressed up as "green" but which mainly just add to our financial burdens and prejudice economic health), but these fail to address or correct a basic problem: over-population. If only they could see the error of their ways!