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Every website must have a Links page!


Steven Keating

My son James' partner is Steven Keating, who with many talents is a most accomplished artist located in Shropshire. He has paintings at Rowles Gallery in Ludlow and samples may be seen at Rowles Fine Art.
Here are some samples of his paintings:

Jim Burrowes

My cousin James Burrowes OAM has had an eventful life, particularly when serving with the Australian armed forces during WWII. His exploits and much more may be seen recorded at The Last Coastwatcher.

John Biggs

I should also like to direct you to the site of a class-mate at school back in the 1950s. He is Professor John Biggs AM, now retired (in Tasmania) but most active now as writer of both fiction and non-fiction (exhibiting his very definite political outlook). His website is at this address.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY:     Not many sites to which to refer you, except :


<<< The Royal Photographic Society, the venerable organisation of which many serious photographers in UK and beyond are members.
Worth joining for any wanting to learn, to discuss and to enjoy their photographic hobby.

My local camera club:

This is in Church Stretton and its site is at Long Mynd Camera Club. It has a very active and competent committee, catering for a keen membership. The website gives a good flavour of its activities. It can also be found at LMCC on Facebook.

POPULATION:     Already mentioned in the"Population" section, some useful sites for reference are: "Population Matters" and "WWF". Additionally, for statistical reference, please try: "United Nations Population Division" , for all UK government statistics: "Office for National Statistics" and world populaton numbers at "Worldometers.info". For an Australian site, go to "Sustainable Population Australia", and I find a good US site is: "Population Reference Bureau".

REINSURANCE DISPUTE RESOLUTION:     Previously mentioned is the arbitration society for reinsurance disputes. Its website may be found at: "A.R.I.A.S. (UK)".
A handy database of court case decisions in the Commercial Court, Court of Appeal etc is provided at "British and Irish Legal Information Institute" (BAILII). In England and Wales, arbitration is subject to the "Arbitration Act 1996", qv.

Which just leaves the missing-link. My e-mail address is E-mail HMT.