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Some incoherent thoughts about where it all started.

You may care to give this section a miss, since it recounts all the pie-in-the-sky notions I have about the beginnings of existence - not our existence as life forms but existence of anything and everything. I have no scientific ability to justify any of my suggestions and conclusions, so, as I say, you might just as well not bother to read further.

On the other hand, why not?

What I have so far put together is contained in an Adobe PDF file which you may foolishly download for reading by clicking --> HERE <--.

It perplexes me why and how God-based religions continue to hold sway in the world - I can only assume that the powerful largest religious institutions have brain-washed an intelligent populace through succeeding generations, capturing minds from childhood, so that I should have termed them as the otherwise intelligent populace. The stories appear so fanciful that no normal person would accept them as factual, unless of course there is good evidence available to show the credibility of the seeming incredible. Instead, the followers are compelled to fall back on unquestioning "belief" and "faith" as an alternative to exercising critical assessment.

It was most welcome to find at last several champions articulating in public all the objections which I have. Nevertheless, these have concentrated on the origins and development of living things, showing that natural selection allows no room for the theory of creationists or for that of "intelligent design." To most, the Darwinian theory is so well evidenced that it is blindingly obvious.

However, my curiosity goes beyond (or before) that - how did anything, not just life, come into existence?

Of course, I am not alone in this. The scientific effort and resources expended in search of what I might blasphemously call this "Holy Grail" has been immense, as for instance the Standard Model of Particle Physics gives testament, and similar research into the nature and origins of the cosmos.

My being unable to understand much of the pronouncements of the scientific community so far as concerns these subjects and exotica (such as sub-atomic structures and particles, force fields, multiple dimensions, antimatter and so much more), I'm left to mull it over for myself, which is what I have done.

It seemed best to convert my thoughts, my disparate thoughts, to paper to see if any of them stand up to scrutiny or whether they are just the daft ruminations of a doddering octagenarian with too much time on his hands. What do you think?

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