Welcome to the IMAGE GALLERY

Within this exhibition gallery, there are several chambers, each with its own theme.

These comprise a selection of photographs taken recently and over the years with my cameras: Canon EOS 40D (lens EF 28-135mm IS USM), Canon Powershot G9 and Sony RX100 Mk3, plus some from my previous cameras: Canons D60, S80 and S50 and very early Kodaks DC210 and DC240.

Please choose whichever picture-chamber you fancy for viewing.

Shropshire Country    Countryside scenes from around my home at Church Stretton.
The Valley    Several views of Carding Mill Valley, adjacent to Church Stretton.
Further Afield    Countryside views around England and Wales.
Photo Impressions    Photographic images developed with a painterly and impressionistic effect.
City of London    Some architectural pictures of London old and new.
Plants and flowers    Mainly pictures from my garden.
Abstracts    Some attempts at abstract photo art.
Monochromes    Dispensing with full-spectrum colour, or most of it.
Sundry Scenes    An assortment.

The pictures exhibited in this site are best viewed with a monitor resolution sufficient to view images with dimensions of up to 1280 pixels in width and up to 800 pixels in height.